Mopar Mecca

Fully grooved and chamfered
Smallblock Alecular Main Bearings

Smallblock Main Bearings


**Bull's Eye precision manufacturing -- controls wall thickness to +/-.0001
**High embedability -- surface depth of .012 to .015
**Superior conformability -- extra bearing material depth allows tollerance for main bore distortion or misalignment
**Superior temperature threshold -- the melting/flaking poing of alecular material is 1100 degrees Farenheit!!
**Max thrust flange bearings are produced to maximum O.E. length
**High fatigue strength bi-metal SI-AL material has 9000psi peak load capacity & superior resistance to surface wear

Manufactured EXCLUSIVELY for Mopar Mecca by King Bearings

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2002-05, Mopar Mecca
built by Sharedbrain Enterprises