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Lessons from Mr. MOPAR -- Camshafts

There are a multitude of combinations of camshaft, intake, carburetor, headers, compression ratio, etc., which have been found to perform satisfactorily by trial and error.  We have run many of these combos on the dyno in the last 40 years and there are a few whose results stand out as better than others.

One camshaft which performs very well with almost any combination of the other variables for a hot street machine with a good sound is the Racer Brown SSH-44.  The power range of this cam is very broad with good torque, even at 2000-rpm...

For more information/help on selecting the right cam for your application, call 1-866-MR-MOPAR (1-866-676-6727).

Also, should you need some of the terms you read here defined, we have a glossary available.

Racer Brown Camshafts
Isky Cams
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